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Message of the Month - Self-Discipline

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Self-Discipline - doing what should be done without being told. This month our theme is self-discipline. How many of you do what you should do without someone telling you to do it? Do you clean your room, do you automatically do your homework, do you put away your personal items, do you pick-up your clothes and a host of other things that you should do without being reminded?

If you do this, then great! If not, that's okay as well, but let's work on improving our self-discipline this month. Becoming a more disciplined person will move you one step closer to being a phenomenal person. No one remembers people who are good, some people will talk about those who were great, but everyone will forever sing the praises of those select few individuals who were phenomenal and self-discipline is a key element of becoming phenomenal. So, I leave you with these parting words from motivational speaker, Eric "ET" Thomas - the Hip Hop Preacher.  

"Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten" 

- Master Tim Calvin 

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